Dutch-Norwegian Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture Conference Report available

24 June 2010 – Fisheries Innovation Platform

In addition to our latest report on the Norwegian Conference on the 3rd of June, the full report is now available. Here you can find the opinion of our speakers, a short summary of the contents of the Conference and read about the outcome of the debate.
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Dutch-Norwegian Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture Conference great success

4 June 2010 – Fisheries Innovation Platform

On the 3rd of June 2010 a unique Dutch-Norwegian Conference on sustainable fisheries and aquaculture took place at the Havforskningsinstituttet (Institute of Marine Research) in Bergen, Norway. The overall goal was to exchange ideas, learn from each other’s approaches, identify challenges and explore possible cooperation. The conference coincided with the official State Visit of Queen Beatrix to Norway, in which sustainable fisheries was a key topic of discussion.
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Dutch fishery students visit Norway

5 May 2010 – Centre for Marine Policy

As part of an international student exchange, six Dutch fishery students from Urk, Katwijk and Stellendam spent five days in Norway with six Norwegian students. Daily excursions, related to the central themes "Sustainable Aquaculture", "Responsible Fishing" and "Fisheries and Research", were planned by the Director of Austevolls Maritime School, Mr. Havard Rabben and his students. Amongst these excursions were visits to two purse-seiners, a visit to the Institute of Marine Research, a visit to the salmon processing plant and a trip on board of a well boat. The Dutch students, accompanied by their teachers and the coordinator of the exchange, learned all about the past, present and future of the Norwegian fishing industry. The program was designed to be interesting for both the Dutch and the Norwegian students. Two Dutch and two Norwegian students will return to Norway in June to present what they've seen and learned at the Dutch-Norwegian event on sustainable fisheries and aquaculture in Bergen on the 3rd of June 2010. Next school year, the Norwegian students will come to the Netherlands to learn about the Dutch fishing industry.

Special event Fisheries Innovation Platform in Norway

1 May 2010

In June 2010 Her Majesty of the Netherlands Queen Beatrix will pay a State Visit to Norway. Since sustainable fisheries will be an important subject of discussion during her visit, the Fisheries Innovation Platform organizes a Dutch-Norwegian event in Bergen on sustainable fisheries and aquaculture.
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Fisheries Innovation Platform goes international

5 October 2009

After a lot of activities focused on the Netherlands, the Platform starts organizing more internationally oriented events. In November 2009 more than one hundred and twenty fishermen, policy makers and scientists came together in Rotterdam to discuss how to improve the innovations in the fishery sector at the Fisheries Innovations Conference.
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Fisheries Innovation Platform continues in 2010

15 september 2009

The Dutch Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Gerda Verburg, asked the Fisheries Innovation Platform to stretch out the activities for one more year. In 2010 the Platform will focus its activities on innovation in the supply chain and on continuity of the ongoing transition to a more sustainable and more profitable fisheries industry. Moreover, by organizing a variety of activities the Platform still keeps an eye on the other ambitions as well.

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